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Lysing hf. was established 1986 and commenced operations at the beginning of 1987. The company specializes in financing of business equipment, machinery and private cars through leasing agreements and loans.

Lýsing hf. is fully owned by Klakki hf. and is one of its operational subsidiaries.

The company mainly offers three types of financing contracts – finance lease, hire purchase and operational lease. Contract details differ, but a characteristic feature of them all is that the equipment remains under the ownership of Lýsing hf. and generally no other collateral is required. Contract length is determined on the basis of estimated use and service life. Lýsing hf. offers private individuals a comprehensive solution for personal car financing depending on their requirements.

One of Lýsing’s hf. objectives is to build a long-term business relationship with its customers, which come from all business sectors. They are encouraged to consider their proposed investments well and are required to demonstrate that the investment will improve their financial status.

Lýsing hf. employs approximately 50 people. Knowledge and experience are an integral part of the company and the employees acknowledge the value of putting the customer’s interests first.

Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail if you have any questions.
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